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Living with Deer

Deer can cause several types of problems in residential settings, from personal property damage and crop destruction to expensive car/deer accidents. The most common complaint is deer damage to vegetable gardens, fruit trees and ornamentals. It is not easy or cheap to keep unwanted deer away, and often the best solution may be a greater understanding and tolerance of deer.

Two Deer Inspecting a Cat

Deer Inspect a Cat in a Fenced Back Yard

The deer were here first; they have been displaced from their natural habitats by man, and are now living around our homes and towns. Deer are creatures of habit. They may visit the same food sources and select the same cover to hide in every day, unless humans or other predators interrupt these patterns. Deer are highly adaptive; they soon learn that a dog is on a chain or fenced, that scarecrows are not so scary, that repellents are not really that bad, short fences are easy to jump, and holes and gaps in fences are easy to find.