Building with Wildlife

Fish and Wildlife Recommendations for Subdivision Development in Montana

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has compiled a set of fish and wildlife recommendations for subdivision development in the state. These recommendations are primarily intended to guide FWP field biologists when they receive subdivision-related requests for information and input from local governments and subdivision applicants. FWP wants to provide responses that are consistent, efficient, and effective. Ultimately, FWP aims to help Montana communities and counties accommodate subdivisions for people and healthy habitats for fish and wildlife. Learn more

A Guide to Conservation-Oriented Development

How can we create new residential and recreational developments that capitalize on the natural environment, yet protect the things we love about Montana? Building homes and cabins in wildlife habitat can change the natural landscape and alter natural processes that support our abundant fish and wildlife populations. Click on the document below to learn more about how homebuyers, builders, and developers can make site selection and development design choices that minimize the human impact or "footprint" on the land.

Building with Wildlife 652 KB

The Role of Fish and Wildlife Evidence in Local Land Use Regulation

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks commissioned the Land Use Clinic at The University of Montana School of Law to prepare this report, in recognition that local land use decisions can affect fish and wildlife resources. The report addresses four topics: (1) the role of fish and wildlife evidence in enacting land use regulations; (2) the role of fish and wildlife evidence in decisions on specific development proposals; (3) the level of specificity required when using fish and wildlife evidence; and (4) resolving conflicting fish and wildlife evidence.

The Role of Fish and Wildlife Evidence in Local Land Use Regulation 258 KB