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Nonresident Capture of Wild Raptors

Beginning in 2012, the capture of raptors from the wild will be allowed in Montana for non-residents who are licensed in their state, by the USFWS, or both for the sport of falconry.  Capture of raptors will be limited by quota and species of raptor and only one raptor will be allowed to be captured by any falconer who is successful in applying for a non-resident capture permit.  Capture permit applications are due to the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks by March 15th and applications must specify which single species of raptor is requested and must also be accompanied by a $5 non-refundable application fee.  Capture is limited to a total of three raptors of each species available with the exception of peregrine falcons.  Only one non-resident capture permit for capture of a peregrine falcon will be allowed every two years and only to a falconer that has applied for a peregrine take permit through a separate peregrine take drawing.  That successful applicant will need to purchase the $200 non-resident capture permit.

Drawings for non-resident capture permits will be held in late March and successful applicants will be notified by April 1.  A capture permit fee of $200 must be received by May 1 at Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to obtain the capture permit.  If the $200 fee is not received by the deadline, the applicant will be nullified and the permit made available to an applicant who had previously been unsuccessful in obtaining a non-resident capture permit. 

Permits are valid from June 1 through March 31 and allow for capture of either a nestling or a first year passage bird.  Each successful applicant must report to the department the capture of a raptor and must obtain a raptor export permit from MFWP prior to transporting the raptor back to their home state.

All non-residents must comply with the Montana falconry regulations and the USFWS falconry regulations while engaged either in the take of raptors or the use of raptors in the sport of falconry while in Montana.


Successful applicants will need to purchase a $200 non-resident capture permit.