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Training Dogs in Upland Game Bird Nesting Areas

Photo of a hunting dog with game birds.

Yellow Lab

The use of open fields for training dogs is only permissible if no live game birds are killed or captured during the training period requested and that the training is more than 1 mile from any bird nesting or management area or game preserve.  To protect or naturally reproducing game bird populations during the period of critical nesting and brooding, a permitting process was developed to verify the location and time frame for permitting the activity.  

That authorization to train dogs in open fields is obtained by applying for and acquiring a free permit issued through each of the FWP regional offices. The applicant must state the location (township, range, and section) where the training will take place and must have permission to use that area if it is not owned by the applicant.  The application is reviewed by the regional office and if approved, a permit number will be affixed to the application. The permit number on the completed permit allows the holder of the permit to lawfully train dogs in open fields.

Applicants seeking to train dogs in open fields on public property will be required to have the land management agency sign off on the application before it is submitted to the regional FWP office.  The signing off will include any permit numbers that are required for the activity and verification of that permit number by a designated agent of the land management agency.  The applicant will also be required to disclose if the dog training is commercial in nature and how many dogs will be trained through the timeframe requested.  Applicants will be required to follow the General Terms of the Permit.


There are no fees associated with this application.