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Aquatic Scientific Collectors Permit


Scientific collector permits are required for any learning institution, government agencies, or individual in order to take, kill, capture or possess any fish in Montana. A permit to collect aquatic invertebrates is not required, but highly recommended.


The permittee shall pay $50 for the permit, except that a permittee who is a representative of an accredited school, college, university, or other institution of learning or of any governmental agency is exempt from payment of the fee.

Collector Permit Laws

Taking fish or game for scientific purposes — MCA 87-2-806

Collectors Permit Application and Reporting Form

Permit Application 199 KB 148 KB

Reporting Form

An annual report describing the results must be submitted to the Department by December 31 of the year issued. Beginning in 2012, Scientific Collector's Permit holders have been required to provide fish measurements and metadata relating to the sampling.