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Wild Animal Menagerie

Photo of a bear cub sitting on top of a tall tree stump.

Bear cub

A wild animal menagerie means a place where one or more bears or large cats, including cougars, lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards, pumas, cheetahs, ocelots, and hybrids of those large cats are kept in captivity for use other than public exhibition. A wild animal menagerie is limited to a maximum of 10 bears or large cats. A person may not possess any of the bears or large cats for non-commercial purposes prior to obtaining a wild animal menagerie license from the department.

An application for a wild animal menagerie requires that an environmental evaluation be conducted by the department, with opportunity for public involvement. Completion of the environmental evaluation and inspection of the caging is required prior to authorization for operation as a wild animal menagerie. Records must be kept of the history of each wild animal kept at the facility and an annual report of inventory and any changes in that inventory must be submitted along with a renewal fee prior to expiration of the license on December 31. All wild animals must be confined at all times in cages of such strength and type of construction that it will be impossible for said animals to escape. Public contact with the wild animals is not allowed.



The application fee and annual permit fee for a wild animal menagerie is $10 for facilities with less than 5 animals, and $25 for facilities with more than 5 animals.

Menagerie Permit


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