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Taxidermy photo.


A person may not conduct a business for the purpose of mounting, preserving, or preparing all or part of the dead bodies of any wildlife without first obtaining a taxidermist license. The application fee for a taxidermist license is $50.

A taxidermist shall keep a written record of all of the articles of wildlife in the taxidermist's possession or control, including the kind and number of each article of wildlife, the name and residence of the owner of the article of wildlife, and all the articles shipped and to whom and where shipped. Those records are open to inspection by a Fish, Wildlife & Parks warden at any reasonable time.

Taxidermy licenses expire on April 30 of each year. Renewal fees are the same as the initial application fees.



The application and annual renewal fee for a taxidermy license is $50.

Taxidermist Laws


Regulation of Taxidermists—MCA 87-4-201

Taxidermist License Application


Taxidermist License Application 49 KB 30 KB