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Raptor Propagation

Photo of a Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle

A raptor propagation permit is required for the holding of raptors for captive breeding purposes and eventual sale or transfer of the captive bred offspring.   Raptor propagation permits are available through the department and require the band numbers of the birds that will be bred as well as their sex and species.A copy of the federal application for raptor propagation or raptor propagation permit and the supplementary materials are also required.A raptor propagator is licensed both though the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and FWP.All raptors held in captivity must be banded and that band number registered with both the state and USFWS.Raptor propagators must report to both the USFWS and the state annually on the birds in possession, birds bred during that year, and birds transferred or sold during that year.The state fee for the raptor propagation permit is $100 for a permit that is valid for 5 years beginning April 1, 2012.Laws and regulations concerning raptor propagation can be found in the links below.



Raptor propagators are licensed in Montana for a 5 year period beginning April 1, 2012. The license fee, whether new or for renewal, is $100.00. Applicants must also possess a valid U.S. Fish & Wildlife Raptor Propagation permit (see for specific application details with USFWS).

Raptor Propagator Permit


Raptor Propagator Permit 25 KB

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Raptor Propagation Permit-see the U.S. Fish & Wildlife website. Click on Raptor Propagation in the table under NON-EAGLE.