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Game Bird Farms

Photo of a game bird farm.

Game bird farm

A person may not own, control, or propagate game birds for sale or conveyance of those game birds or parts thereof unless he holds a current game bird farm license from the department. Game birds are defined as sharptailed grouse, blue grouse, spruce (Franklin) grouse, prairie chicken, sage hen or sage grouse, ruffed grouse, ring-necked pheasant, Hungarian partridge, ptarmigan, wild turkey, and chukar partridge.

Game bird farm licensees are authorized to raise and sell game birds or parts of game birds. The game bird farm licensee is responsible for assuring that the individual to whom game birds are being sold has the appropriate permit allowing for possession of those game birds and to record the permit number in the "Game Bird Farm Report Book." Each licensee is required to keep records of the number and species of birds purchased, transferred, or sold and the name of each person to whom or from whom such birds were purchased, transferred, or sold. Those reports, along with the license renewal fee, must be submitted to the department each year on January 31 to renew the game bird farm license.

A game bird farm license does not allow game birds to be released. All game birds on a game bird farm must be contained in an enclosure that is adequate to prevent the entry of wild game birds and to prevent the escape of game bird farm birds into the wild.

There is a $100 application fee required for a game bird farm license. Prior to licensure, the enclosures designed to hold the game birds must be inspected by the FWP Enforcement Division and must be adequate. A license is then issued which must be renewed annually by submission of a $50 renewal fee and an accurate game bird farm report by January 31.



The license application fee for a game bird farm license is $100, and the annual renewal fee is $50.

Game Bird Farm Application


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