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CRP Seed Cost-Share

CRP seed cost-share may help you improve your score for CRP enrollment!

photo of pheasant chicks

Planting wildlife friendly CRP—such as CP 2 and CP 25—provides the greatest benefit to upland game birds. Wildlife friendly seed mixes have a greater proportion of native grasses and forbs, which can also increase seed costs. Consider partnering with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to help reduce your seed costs.

Program Eligibility

Anyone may apply for a seed cost-share, but producers with land in priority counties receive additional program evaluation points. Because of differing management jurisdictions, lands within Indian Reservations do not qualify.  See map below.

Program eligibility map

Program Details

Through enrollment, the program pays up to 35% of your actual seed costs, but not more than $30 per acre. Eligible producers may enroll up to 640 acres of CRP, either on private land or State Trust lands. Enrolled producers agree to free public upland game bird hunting and no emergency haying or grazing of their enrolled CRP that is in addition to scheduled maintenance.

Review Process

All applications will undergo a review and scoring process by FWP staff. Contracts will be awarded based on evaluation scores and available funding. FWP will alert applicants of their status within 60 days or less.

Application Submission and Deadline

Download Application

Mail your application and your required maps to FWP:

  • Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks – Wildlife Division
  • P.O. Box 200701
  • Helena, MT 59620

Application Deadline

Applications must be postmarked no later than March 7, 2016.


For more information, please contact:

  • Debbie Hohler

  • Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program Biologist
  • (406) 444-5674
  • Email