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Wildlife Habitat Programs

Montana Auction License Accounts

The Montana State Legislature has authorized the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission to auction one male sheep, one male Shiras moose, one male mule deer, one male elk, and one mountain goat auction/lottery license each year to provide for the benefit of the species. Rules and procedures to conduct the auction have been adopted by the commission each year and have been expanded to include all five species now available. Learn more

Montana Forest Legacy Program

Montana's Forest Legacy Program is designed to conserve forest lands and to maintain natural and public values by assisting with the purchase of conservation easements or fee-title on private forest lands. Learn more

Sikes Act

The Montana Sikes Act is a habitat enhancement program, created to enhance habitat for those animals which are hunted, fished and trapped on public land. Learn more].

Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program


The primary goal of all projects funded by the Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program is to preserve and enhance upland game bird populations in Montana. Learn more

Migratory Bird Wetland Program

Montana has a state-based program to provide habitat for waterfowl and other wetland-dependent migratory birds. This is in addition to the federal “duck stamp.” Montana uses state license dollars from migratory bird licenses to protect, conserve, and create high quality wetland habitat to benefit wildlife, especially migratory birds, and the residents and visitors of Montana. Learn more

Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program

The 2017 Legislature passed House Bill 434, which established the Montana Wildlife Habitat Improvement Act. The Act establishes a grant partnering program for restoring wildlife habitat on private and public lands through noxious weed management. The program is geared toward large scale watershed-sized projects, which may involve multiple land ownerships. Learn more

Wildlife Mitigation Trust

The Wildlife Mitigation Trust was established by the legislature (MCA 87-1-611) and funded in 1988 through an agreement between the State of Montana and Bonneville Power Administration. This agreement established a program to protect, mitigate and enhance wildlife and wildlife habitat affected by the construction of Libby and Hungry Horse Dams in northwestern Montana. Learn more

Montana Action Plan for Big Game Winter Range and Movement

In February 2018, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke signed Secretarial Order 3362. This order directs the Department of Interior (DOI) to work in close partnership with the eleven western states to improve habitat quality in winter range and migration corridors for antelope, elk, and mule deer. The order also directs DOI to implement this order in a way that recognizes state authority to conserve and manage big game and respects private property rights. In response to this order, FWP has developed a Montana State Action plan with the support of partners. The plan identifies five priority areas within Montana to focus actions on improving habitat quality on big game winter ranges and migration corridors.