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Water Management

Conditions and Low Flow Responses

Want to check your current conditions on your favorite river? Are there any low flow conditions that are restricting or limiting fishing opportunities? How does FWP respond to periods of low stream flow or drought conditions? What can you do when stream flow get low or stream temperatures get warm? Examine examples of existing community lead low flow / drought plans. Learn More

Instream Flows

Managing and protecting stream flow condition is part of FWP fishery management mission. Water management, water monitoring and water conservation, stream restoration and water rights are all components of this effort. Water right acquisition and water right administration are less understood activities and the information below will provide additional insight into this aspect of fishery management. Learn More

Stream Flow Protection

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks uses multiple tools to enforce or enhance the management of water rights for instream flows. Some are strict and formal methods of administration. Others are more informal actions relying heavily on voluntary or cooperative actions between water users.Learn More