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Future Fisheries Program Overview

Montana's Future Fisheries currently offers between $350,000 and $650,000 annually to restore wild and native fish habitats across Montana. Future Fisheries emphasizes local approaches for on-the-ground restoration of lakes, rivers and streams that benefit wild and native fish—and the land and water that supports them. A portion of the Future Fisheries program emphasizes mineral reclamation projects to restore native fish habitats.

Eligible Applicants

Almost anyone can submit a Future Fisheries project, including landowners, community-based organizations—such as local sporting clubs, conservation groups, and civic clubs—and state and local agencies. Projects must result in on-the-ground Future Fisheries habitat restoration to benefit wild and native fish. Applicants should look to restore or protect habitat for wild and native fish populations.

Types of Projects Funded

Consider a Future Fisheries project to:

  • improve or maintain fish passage;
  • restore or protect natural stream banks and channels;
  • restore or protect nearby natural riparian and wetland areas;
  • restore habitat for cutthroat trout and bull trout in areas affected by mining;
  • prevent loss of fish into irrigation diversions;
  • restore or protect spawning habitats;
  • enhance stream flows;
  • restore or protect genetically pure native fish; or
  • improve fishing in a lake or reservoir.

Program Statistics

As of January 28, 2013
Future Fisheries—By the Numbers

Years program has been in effect:


Future Fisheries dollars approved by FWP Commission:

$13.7 million

Matching dollars for approved Future Fisheries projects:

$36.8 million

Number of projects completed:


Number of projects pending or ongoing:


Miles of riparian fence installed:


Miles of restored and enhanced rivers and streams:


Number of fish screens placed on irrigation diversions:


Number of upstream fish passages at irrigation diversions and road crossings:


Number of lake/reservoir projects to enhance spawning:


Number of game fish species benefiting from restored habitats:


Cubic feet per second added to instream flow:


Funding Applications

Future Fisheries applications are considered every year in December and June. An independent review panel recommends Future Fisheries projects to fund to the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission.

For information on how to apply, view our Application Process page.

Need more help?

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