Future Fisheries Monitoring

Future Fisheries projects funding cannot be granted for monitoring practices; however, monitoring is an important component of project assessment. Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) 12.7.1206 states:

“Restoration projects shall be evaluated by either the applicant or the department according to terms stipulated in the project agreement. Monitoring will be conducted on each completed project at times agreeable to the landowner. The type and frequency of monitoring will be established by the department.”

Monitoring is an important component of determining project success and improving restoration techniques and methods over time. To ensure the best use of Program dollars, the Future Fisheries Program Officer has taken responsibility for directing a monitoring program. The monitoring program includes Future Fisheries-focused efforts by the Program Officer or other staff, communication with aquatic biologists regarding their monitoring, and efforts completed by applicants or local watershed groups, conservation districts, or non-governmental organizations. Monitoring includes implementation monitoring (was the project completed as proposed) as well as effectiveness monitoring (how successful was the project long term).

There are nearly 600 completed Future Fisheries projects, and the goal is to monitor each one between 5 to 10 years after completion and at regular intervals thereafter until they expire (typically 20 years after completion).

Efforts that are exclusively focused on Future Fisheries projects are included in Legislative Reports. However, reports by FWP staff and consultants are also completed periodically. Links to other relevant reports and publications are included below; even though they are not specifically written for the Future Fisheries Improvement Program, they contain projects that were funded with Future Fisheries dollars.

Monitoring information and data are recorded in the Future Fisheries Improvement Program database, maintained by FWP. In the future, FWP intends to link this information with a public interface like FishMT.

Program Monitoring Reports

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