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CWD Citizen Advisory Panel

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) is seeking 6 - 12 people to serve on a Citizen Advisory Panel about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Montana. The panel will lend a citizen’s perspective to FWP in reviewing the science and management of CWD, predicting and anticipating public sentiment, and how to inform the public about potential CWD-oriented management actions.  The panel will also review and assess FWP’s current CWD plan.  This citizen panel needs to be diverse and ideally will have people from across the state and include wildlife and livestock perspectives, scientific and recreation interests, commerce and tourism, and local and state government representation.  FWP staff will participate in but not formally sit on the citizen panel.  Meetings will be facilitated and be advertised and open to the public with opportunity for public comment. 

Interested individuals can apply below

Organized conservation groups like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Mule Deer Foundation are encouraged to participate as well as county commissions, the legislature, chamber of commerce, outfitters, ranchers/landowners, local sportsman’s groups, veterinarian and disease ecologists, and input from high-priority surveillance areas.  Participants will review contemporary science, management actions and experience from other states and provinces, and Montana’s current CWD plan and advise FWP on public communications the agency might make.  Panelists will also be asked to develop their own public communications within their sphere of influence.  Any consensus output will be publicly available and presented to the FWP Director or the Fish and Wildlife Commission for potential implementation, depending on the scope of the consensus output.  The FWP Director and Fish and Wildlife Commission represent final decision authorities on any recommendations coming from the Panel and are not obligated to implement the suggestions of this advisory group.  Updates and products would be made available to Environmental Quality Council, other legislators and government officials, and other interested groups upon request.  Products from the panel might include recommended work plans and legislative requests.
Participation on the CWD advisory panel will require attendance at a short series of meetings in relatively rapid sequence.  At least one annual meeting would also occur to review status of efforts and the disease itself.  Additional meetings might happen with both the panel and FWP approving.  Without additional FWP endorsement, this panel and its original membership would assemble for not more than two years.

Interested individuals:

  • Must be able and willing to travel and actively participate in approximately up to six 1-2 day meetings in 2017.  Additional meetings after the first one, including annual updates, will be scheduled by panel members.  FWP recognizes some panel members will not be unable to attend all meetings.  Meeting sites may vary.  Travel expenses including mileage, lodging and meals will be reimbursed by FWP.
  • Must be committed and able to respectfully engage other perspectives and to objectively review science on a topic that can ignite strong passions. 
  • Must be willing to actively participate in facilitated processes to help manage lengthy group discussions that include technical details, diverse individual values and opinions, and existing public processes and products.   
  • Must be willing to support a model of conservation in Montana that incorporates different stakeholder values and maintains public trust management of wildlife.

FWP is looking for an effective and diverse group that is representative and respectful, no automatic preference will be assigned any group or individual.  Individual nominations will be assessed for the perspective they represent and for their willingness and ability to comprehensively engage this task.

How to apply

People interested in the CWD Citizen Advisory Panel can apply online below or in writing.

The FWP Director will review applications and make selections by March 25. The first meeting will be held on April 5-6, 2017 at the Bozeman FWP Regional Office.

Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted online below OR postmarked by March 15, 2017.

Mail your application to FWP:

Answer the questions below and mail your application to:

  • Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks – Wildlife Division
  • P.O. Box 200701
  • Helena, MT 59620

Apply online: