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Libby CWD Management Zone

Libby CWD Management Zone - That portion of Lincoln County bounded on the north by Barron, Pipe, and Seventeen Mile roads; on the west by USFS Libby Ranger District Boundary; on the south by Bear and Libby creeks and southern boundaries of TWPs T29N, R29W and R30W; on the east by Fisher River to Hwy 37, Kootenai River, and Lake Koocanusa.

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Carcass Transportation Restrictions and Disposal

CWD Management Zones are areas where CWD is known to exist and where carcass transportation restrictions are in effect.

To prevent the spread of CWD from infected areas of Montana to other parts of the state, the whole carcass, whole head, brain, or spinal column from any deer, elk, or moose harvested within a CWD Management Zone CANNOT be removed from that Management Zone unless the animal has tested negative for CWD. These parts should be bagged and disposed of in a landfill or may be left at the kill site on public lands and with landowner permission on private lands.

Animal parts that CAN be removed from a CWD Management Zone include:

  • Meat that is cut and wrapped or separated from the bone
  • Hides with no heads attached
  • Quarters or other portions of meat with no part of the spinal column or head attached
  • Skull plates, antlers, or clean skulls with no meat or tissue attached
  • Upper canine teeth
  • Head, partial body, or whole-body mounts prepared by a taxidermist



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