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State Wildlife Grants Project Details

Terrestrial, Riparian and Wetland SWG Program - Project 1: Terrestrial and Riparian/Wetland Habitat Conservation (T-037-1)

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Habitat-focused projects will seek to protect and restore Tier 1 Community Types with priority given to riparian and wetland habitats and sagebrush-grassland complexes along the Milk and Missouri River corridors that bisect the Missouri Coteau and Montana Glaciated Plains Focus Areas within the Great Plains portion of the Missouri and Yellowstone River watersheds. Projects will identify, negotiate, and implement a combination of fee title acquisitions, conservation easements, and 30-year sagebrush leases on priority private lands within these corridors. These habitat conservation measures will include stipulations and terms that protect and maintain key vegetation components, and prohibit land management uses that could degrade or fragment important habitat types. In addition, enhancement activities will seek to restore and increase cottonwood and riparian shrub communities where feasible, re-establish native grassland communities and restore drained and or degraded wetland habitats.Baseline wildlife inventories documenting distribution and abundance of key species groups (bats, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and birds) will be conducted on existing WMAs, conservation easements, and 30-year lease properties, as well as on newly acquired properties. Results can be found in the associated reference reports.

Time Span

08/14/2007–08/15/2012 "Incomplete"

Primary Investigator

  • Ken McDonald

Focus Areas

  • Montana Glaciated Plains
  • Montana Sedimentary Plains
  • Powder River Basin/Breaks/Scoria Hills


  • Riparian and Wetland


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