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Data Layer Methodology

Each data layer was developed to address a specific value or concern related to fish and wildlife resources in Montana. Click on the link to read a summary of why each layer was made, and what data and methods were used to make the layer.

Layers Included

All Aquatic Layers

All Aquatic Layers 1.5 MB

Aquatic Connectivity

Aquatic Connectivity 416 KB

Fish Native Species Richness

Fish Native Species Richness 469 KB

Fish Species of Concern

Fish Species of Concern 348 KB

Game Fish Life History

Game Fish Life History 327 KB

Game Fish Quality

Game Fish Quality 469 KB

All Terrestrial Layers

All Terrestrial Layers 46 KB

Terrestrial Conservation Species

Terrestrial Conservation Species 240 KB

Terrestrial Species Richness

Terrestrial Species Richness 246 KB

Terrestrial Game Quality

Terrestrial Game Quality 432 KB

All Terrestrial Game Quality Contributing Layers

All Terrestrial Game Quality Contributing Layers 512 KB

Big Game Winter Range Habitat

Big Game Winter Range Habitat 437 KB

Forest Carnivore Habitat

Forest Carnivore Habitat 382 KB

Prairie Grouse Habitat

Prairie Grouse Habitat 384 KB

Bighorn Sheep & Mountain Goat Habitat

Bighorn Sheep & Mountain Goat Habitat 366 KB

All Habitat Layers

All Habitat Layers 512 KB

Riparian Layers

Riparian Layers 242 KB

Large Intact Landscapes

Unaltered Landscapes 234 KB

Watershed Integrity

Watershed Integrity 430 KB

Wetland Areas

Wetland Areas 261 KB

All Other Layers

BigAll Other Layers 471 KB

Designated Lands

Designated Lands 240 KB

Housing Density by Decade

Housing Density by Decade 305 KB