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Commission endorses Recovering America's Wildlife Act

The Alliance for America’s Fish & Wildlife

Recovering America’s Wildlife Act legislation (H.R. 4647) was recently introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill is based on recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Panel for Conserving America’s Wildlife.

As proposed the bill would dedicate up to $1.3 billion annually in existing revenue from the development of energy and mineral resources on federal lands and waters to the Wildlife Conservation Restoration Program. These funds would provide state fish and wildlife agencies with the resources needed to fully implement State Wildlife Action Plans, which are designed to conserve over 12,000 species of greatest conservation need.

Under the current proposal, Montana’s portion of the funding would amount to $29.7 million annually, with a required non-federal match of 25% ($9.9 million annually). Funds could be used for fish and wildlife conservation, wildlife conservation education programs, and wildlife associated recreation projects. Working with landowners, partner agencies and non-government organizations would be critical to identify high priority, cooperative projects and to explore sources of non-federal match. Passage of H.R. 4647 would not impact Montana’s current allocation of Pittman-Robertson or Dingell Johnson funds.