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Region 6 Block Management

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Block Management Contacts:
  • Region 6 Block Management Program
  • 54078 US Hwy 2 W
  • Glasgow, MT 59230
  • (406) 228-3700

  • Havre Area Office
  • (406) 265-6177

Region 6 Hunting Access Guide

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You can order the Hunter Access Guide between June 1 and December 31 . Guides will be shipped beginning August 15th.

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Region 6 Block Management Area (BMA) Maps

The interactive mapping system will be available August 15th each year.

2016 Statistics

336 landowners have enrolled 1,232,399 million acres to form 179 Block Management Areas.

2016 Block Management Program

Region 6 has 336 landowners enrolling approximately 1.2 million acres in Block Management. These areas offer an excellent opportunity to hunt whitetail and mule deer, elk, antelope, upland game birds, and waterfowl. Our Block Management Areas (BMAs) are open from September 1 to December 31. Some areas may be open early for the 900 series antelope season. Please see the Statewide Hunter Access Guide for dates. Some landowners, including those not enrolled in Block Management, may be able to accommodate hunters with special needs. Hunters are encouraged to contact our regional FWP Office to determine if opportunities exist to meet specific needs.

Two kinds of BMAs are available in Region 6, classified as Type I and Type II BMAs. In this region, Type I BMAs are areas in which hunters administer their own permission by using daily sign-in boxes. Type II BMAs are areas in which written permission is given to the hunters by landowners.

Hunters can obtain specific BMA maps and rules on the FWP website under Region 6 after August 15th, on site at sign-in box locations or at landowner residences. Region 6 maps showing all BMAs are on display at the Glasgow and Havre offices. The Statewide Hunter Access Guide is available on-line and by mail through all regional offices. Hunters can use this guide and the included map and chart to compare size, geographical location, and hunting opportunities desired on each BMA.

The Region 6 Block Management Staff encourages you to share your experiences on specific BMAs by sending comment cards, pictures, or letters to the Glasgow office. You may also drop off comment or survey cards in sign-in boxes. We share these with landowners to show your appreciation, and to help improve the program.