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Region 4 Block Management

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Block Management Contacts:
  • Region 4 Block Management Program
  • 4600 Giant Springs Road
  • Great Falls, MT 59406
  • (406) 454-5862

  • Lewistown Area Office
  • (406) 538-4658 ext. 221

Region 4 Hunting Access Guide

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You can order the Hunter Access Guide between June 1 and December 31. Guides will be shipped beginning August 15th.

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The 2016 Hunting Access Guides and Regional Maps will be available for download (here) August 15, 2016.

Region 4 Block Management Area (BMA) Maps

The interactive mapping system will be available August 15th each year.

2016 Statistics

214 landowners have enrolled 1,204,729 million acres to form 116 Block Management Areas.

2016 Block Management Program

Welcome to Region 4 FWP Administrative Region. This page summarizes the Region 4 Block Management Areas (BMA) enrolled in the current year's Block Management Program (BMP). There are many hunting opportunities available in Region 4, many of them on lands not enrolled in the program. Hunters are encouraged NOT to focus solely on BMAs. The private lands enrolled in the Block Management Program represent a small percentage of all the lands (private and public) open to hunters each fall. Hunters seeking access should try to develop positive relationships with landowners throughout the region, whether they are Block Management cooperators or not.

Each BMA has access requirements and hunting use rules specific to that BMA. These rules and access requirements will be listed on the back of each individual Region 4 BMA map. To hunt ANY BMA in Region 4, a hunter (at least one hunter in a group) must first obtain a BMA map from FWP. Maps are valid from 1 September through January 1 of each year. Check the data contained in the annual Hunting Access Guide each year to see if a previously issued map is still current or if a new map is required. Lands are only enrolled in Block Management for the FALL hunting season (September 1–January 1).

The only valid and authorized BMA maps are provided free of charge from either the cooperator direct or from an FWP office. NO OTHER SOURCE(S) ARE AUTHORIZED TO DISTRIBUTE BMA MAPS. Failure to abide by the rules and procedures specified either in the regional guide or on the BMA map violates the conditions of the cooperative agreement between FWP and the landowner, and may result in denial of future access to the BMA and/or citations being issued.

Region 4 landowners are very concerned about noxious weeds. Hunters should ensure vehicles, clothing, and animals are free of mud and debris that may contain weed seeds. Landowners may deny access to hunters driving excessively muddy vehicles that pose a risk of noxious weed introduction.

For the 2016 hunting season, BMA reservations may not be accepted before August 22, 2016.

For BMA information, including information about BMA closures, contact the Region 4 Block Management Office by calling (406) 454-5862, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, or via the R4 BM e-mail address: