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Region 3 Block Management

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Block Management Contacts:
  • Bozeman Regional Headquarters
  • 1400 South 19th
  • Bozeman, MT 59718
  • Phone: (406) 994-4042

  • Butte Area Office
  • 1820 Meadowlark Lane
  • Butte, MT 59701
  • Phone: (406) 494-1953
  • Hours: 9:00 AM–12:45 PM

  • Helena Area Resource Office
  • 930 Custer Avenue West
  • Helena, MT 59620
  • Phone: (406) 495-3260

Region 3 Hunting Access Guide

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You can order the Hunter Access Guide between June 1 and December 31. Guides will be shipped beginning August 15th.

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The 2016 Hunting Access Guides and Regional Maps will be available for download (here) August 15, 2016.

Region 3 Hunting Access Guide

The 2016 Hunting Access Guides and Regional Maps will be available for download (here) August 15, 2016.

2016 Statistics

106 landowners in Region 3 have enrolled nearly 530,000 acres to form 84 Block Management Areas.

Block Management Program 2016 Update

Region 3 consists of over 11.5 million acres in Southwestern Montana, or 12% of the entire state land base. Public land, including the Forest Service and BLM, accounts for over 6.9 million acres in the region.

By working with private landowners in the region, the block management program has opened over 15% of the private land in Region 3 to free public hunting.

Most block management areas in Region 3 provide opportunity for deer and elk hunting, however, uplands birds, antelope, moose and waterfowl are also available. Approximately 50% of the elk harvest in the state occurs in Region 3.

Other Hunting Opportunities in Region 3

In Region 3, we recommend that you consider all access options when planning your hunt, utilizing BMAs when and where they fit into your plans. About 60% of Region 3 is made up of public lands administered by the U.S. Forest Service and BLM providing extensive hunting opportunity. Travel plan maps depicting these lands and public accesses can be obtained at BLM, U.S. Forest Service, and FWP Offices throughout the region.

Regional Block Management Program

The Block Management Program in Region 3 (300 series districts) maintains access and hunting opportunity on private lands throughout southwest Montana. Under this program, hunters are granted free access to 86 Block Management Areas (BMAs) which currently encompass nearly 530,000 acres of private and public lands in Southwest Montana.

There are two general types of BMAs:

Type I BMAs

areas where hunters administer their own permission. This includes areas that use sign-in boxes, places that do not require hunters to obtain specific permission, or places where some other method of self-administered permission is used. Typically, Type I BMAs have no limits on the number of hunters using the area, although certain parking areas may impose limits on the total numbers of vehicles per area.

Type II BMAs

areas where someone other than the hunter administers permission. This includes areas where landowners issue permission slips, department staff administers permission, or some other permission method is used. Reservations, pasture assignments, limits on hunter numbers, and other hunter management methods are often used on Type II BMAs. Most Region 3 BMAs are open to non-motorized travel (foot or horseback) with only a few main roads open to motorized vehicles. Reasons for limiting vehicle access in BMAs include:

  1. improving the quality of hunting,
  2. weed control, and
  3. preventing road damage.

BMA Maps

Area BMA maps, including permission information and area rules, can be obtained by visiting our self-help stations at the regional office in Bozeman or at area offices in Butte or Helena. Information is also available through voice mail by calling (406) 994-3288 or by e-mail request at We ask that you limit your map requests to five (5) per phone call, office visit or e-mail to maintain the ability to fill requests in a timely fashion and for fairness. Although FWP provides maps for individual BMA’s, it may be helpful to purchase the BLM or Forest map that is listed in the BMA informational chart.

BMA Rules

As you enjoy the hunting access provided by this program, please be sure to obey the rules these landowners have requested. This is a voluntary program designed to benefit you. Enjoy this opportunity and respect landowner rights.

Boxes

It is important that all hunters register at access points on the BMAs that use sign-in rosters before hunting. This provides important hunter use information and serves as your permission slip to be on the property to hunt. Be sure to fill out all information completely and accurately.

Current Information

Map boundaries, rules or permission information may change from year to year. Be sure to obtain current maps and permission information every year.


Reservations are available on some BMAs. No reservations will be accepted or issued prior to August 22. Failure to show up for a reserved slot on a BMA denies other hunters opportunity. Please make every effort to cancel reservations if you are aware you will not be able to make your arranged time. Be aware that on some BMAs, failure to show without prior notice is grounds for exclusion from further hunting opportunities on the area. Making reservations on multiple BMAs at the same time is grounds for exclusion from hunting any BMA.


Noxious weeds are becoming a serious concern to landowners. Please do your part to limit the spread of weeds. Try to keep equipment clean and avoid driving, parking or walking through weeds.

Regional Land Ownership Patterns

In Region 3, we recommend that you consider all access options in planning your hunts, utilizing BMAs when and where they fit into your plans. Southwest Montana has abundant public land (i.e., BLM, U.S. Forest Service & State Trust Lands) with extensive hunting opportunity. Travel maps that show these lands and public accesses can be obtained at land management agency offices throughout the area.