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State Game Wardens

FWP Wardens are Peace Officers

FWP Game Warden on Patrol

Game Wardens are sworn and commissioned Peace Officers within their scope of authority. That authority includes Titles 23 (parks and recreation, which includes boat, snowmobile and off-highway vehicle), 37 (outfitters and guides), and in some instances certain 45 (general crimes), 77 (state lands) and 87 (fish and wildlife), plus littering under Title 75 (environmental protection). By Memorandum of Agreement, FWP Wardens are under appointment as Deputy U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Special Agents and may enforce appropriate sections of the Code of Federal Regulations under the terms of the agreement. Many wardens are also reserve deputy sheriffs in the county where they work, and they play a significant role in terms of the trained law enforcement personnel available to assist other law enforcement officers in rural areas.

Today, the Law Enforcement Division is comprised of 75 District Wardens, 14 Warden Sergeants, 8 Warden Captains, 10 Investigators, 1 Law Enforcement Chief and 1 Assistant Chief. In addition, the divsion currently has 2 Program Specialists and 3 Administrative Support, who are unsworn personnel.

A Warden's Job

The FWP Warden's job is extremely varied and interesting; however, like most law enforcement careers, it can be very demanding. Typical duties include patrolling assigned district, checking licenses in the field, verifying fee and regulation compliance, investigating suspected violations, issuing citations and making arrests, operating check stations, monitoring license vendor activities, assisting other law enforcement agencies, and testifying in court. Please click the " Become a Warden" button for details of duties and responsibilities.

For more information about Montana FWP Wardens, please contact our Hiring and Training Sergeant at (406) 444-4726.