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2009 Warden Excellence Award

This award is given by the Montana Game Wardens Association, the professional organization of state game wardens. The MGWA is a private, non-profit group and not affiliated with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. Each year, wardens nominate colleagues from the state’s seven administrative regions as well as the Helena Headquarters for this prestigious honor.

The 2009 nominees were:

Region 1 – Warden Nathan Reiner
Region 2 – Warden Aaron Berg
Region 3 – Warden Shane Brozovich
Region 4 – Warden Joe Kambic
Region 5 – Warden Sergeant Randy Arnold
Region 6 – Warden Dirk Paulsen
Region 7 – Warden Todd Enders
State HQ – Training Officer Mike Mehn

2008 North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association (NAWEOA) Conference 2009 Warden Excellence Award Nominees
2008 North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association (NAWEOA) Conference Award Winner Nathan Reiner

State Game Warden Nathan Reiner was voted recipient of the 2009 Warden Excellence Award. Nathan began his enforcement career in 2004 in the Baker Warden District in southeastern Montana. In 2006 he transferred to the Kalispell Warden District in northwestern Montana, returning home to the Flathead Valley. Nathan has established himself as an integral part of the community and the Region 1 Law Enforcement team, as well as an essential component of the Region’s Parks program.

Nathan has shown repeatedly that he is the epitome of the modern Game Warden. He utilizes all the modern forensic tools at his disposal, takes advantage of GPS and GIS information to make cases, has an excellent working knowledge of databases and electronic resources available to officers, and is safe and tactical in his operation of all specialized equipment from snowmobiles and OHV's to various watercraft.

But this technical knowledge is not what makes Nathan so successful. His easy going demeanor makes him approachable and able to work with all his constituents, agency personnel, landowners and sportsmen alike. Because of his numerous skills and approach, Nathan is one of the two primary Field Training Officers for Region 1. Thus, his qualities as an officer will be instilled in new wardens who come into the agency.

2009 Award Winners