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Chief Kropp Honored for 30 Years of Service

Photo of Law Enforcement Chief Jim Kropp and his wife Gina

Law Enforcement Chief Jim Kropp and his wife Gina

Jim Kropp, Chief of Law Enforcement for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, was recently presented with a 30-year service award.  In giving the award, Assistant Chief Michael Korn highlighted Jim’s long-term career with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks:

Jim was raised in Great Falls and attended Western Montana College, receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in 1980. That same year he began his Warden career in Billings.  He was stationed in the Billings, Great Falls and Bozeman districts.  In 1988, he became Warden Sergeant in Bozeman and in 1991, rose to the rank of Warden Captain.  During his time in Bozeman, he was intimately involved in a wide range of state as well as national resource and law enforcement issues including bison, the commercialization of wildlife, hunter access, river access, user conflict and human-wildlife conflict.   In 2002, Jim was appointed Chief of Law Enforcement, the first game warden with extensive field experience and credentials to attain this rank in many years.  He was the 1987 recipient of the Shikar-Safari Club Wildlife Officer of the Year Award and also received the Warden Excellence Award in 2008 from the Montana Game Wardens Association.  He lives in Helena with his wife, Gina, who hails from a Big Hole Valley ranching family.  They have two children, daughter Ashley and son Ryan.

John Baucus Receives TIP-MONT Award

Photo of John and Nina Baucus with FWP Director Joe Maurier

John and Nina Baucus with FWP Director Joe Maurier

In November 2010 Helena rancher John Baucus was applauded by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission for his conservation efforts and his many years serving as a TIP MONT (Turn in Poachers Montana hotline) board member.

John is ending 23 years with TIP MONT … and I want to take this opportunity to offer our heartfelt thanks," said Commission Chairman Bob Ream. "During those years, we saw the program grow from a fledgling and underutilized means of reporting unlawful resource activity to one which now fields over 2,000 calls annually." Ream noted that Baucus' thoughtful aid in determining appropriate rewards for those who call the hotline with information has been a huge benefit to the program."

In thanking both John and Nina Baucus for their significant contributions to Montana's wild resources, Ream said, "Your stewardship of the family ranch has been a huge boon to all species of wildlife in the area … and your cooperation in long-term projects such as conservation easements has helped to ensure the sustainability of important habitats in the Missouri River drainage. For this, and so many other things you have done on behalf of conservation, we offer our thanks and appreciation."