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Law Enforcement

2018 Annual Report

Please find in the following pages, an overview of the Law Enforcement Division’s accomplishments over the last year. Not only did 2018 bring significant obstacles and challenges for the division, it also demonstrated the resolve, determination and flexibility of Montana Game Wardens to adapt to and overcome those challenges. This annual report serves to capture and present that information:

Pittman-Robertson funding for FWP Enforcement

What PR funding changes mean for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks:

FWP Warden badge.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is mandated by Montana law to protect, perpetuate, enhance and regulate the wise use of the state's natural and cultural resources for the benefit of the general public.

The Law Enforcement Division has a specific role in meeting this mandate by maintaining a strong commitment to managing wildlife and its environment and Montana's hunting, fishing, trapping, and recreation heritage. FWP Wardens accomplish this through education and achieving cooperation of all constituency groups in assuring compliance with Montana state laws, department regulations, and federal, tribal, and international laws.

As highly visible front line employees, FWP Wardens are in an unique position to significantly affect wildlife conservation programs. Approximately 100 FWP Wardens across the state carry out the day-to-day duties and responsibilities in protecting Montana's fish, wildlife and parks resources.

FWP Wardens actively shape the outdoor values and traditions of Montana's youth by teaching in hunter education classes, instructing at school outdoor days, and assisting with other FWP and community-sponsored events.

Rain or shine, winter or summer, the work goes on—protecting the last best place.