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Lewis & Clark's Legacy in Montana

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Map of Lewis & Clark's voyage

The Lewis and Clark Expedition spent more time and traveled more miles in Montana than in any other state. Their journals from 200 years ago are but one link to the past. Wherever you go along the Trail, much of what you see, touch and experience also has ties to the past: the habitat; native plants and animals; artifacts of people who lived and died here. Even the rocks and minerals, the smell of the air, the lay of the land-every aspect of life links us to our history. The living land nourishes and sustains us, as it has for generations.

Use Montana's state parks to learn about Lewis and Clark's voyage, to open your senses and fill in the intimate details of lives past. Artists have recreated scenes of the journey to connect us to the people, the lands, and the animals of 200 years ago. You can view many of those scenes on the web ahead as we visit a few of Lewis and Clark's camps. Or, plan your own expedition along the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers-there are hundreds of places to visit in Montana, whether by river or road. In many places you can still see the wildlife and plants described by the Corps. They are a significant part of what makes Montana's landscape unique.

Savor and share your own discoveries. As you travel, remember: the impact of your journey can influence the remnants of past. Do your part to help - not harm - this place, yet full of discoveries.

Download a printable Lewis and Clark kids activity sheet 2 MB.