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Discover Montana's Ecosystems

Discover Montana's Ecosystems

Montana's ecosystems! Everyone has a special natural place. To some of us it is our backyard and to others it's a favorite hunting, snowmobiling, camping, or fishing site. Join us on a natural adventure through Montana's amazing ecosystems. Go Explore!


Montana's Uncommon Critters Posters

Poster art by Peter Grosshauser

Burrowing Owl poster image
Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl poster 137 KB
Field Guide — Burrowing Owl

Salamander poster image
Coeur d'Alene Salamander

Salamander poster 142 KB
Field Guide — Salamander

Paddlefish poster image

Paddlefish poster 123 KB
Field Guide — Paddlefish

Cutthroat Trout poster image
Westslope Cutthroat Trout

Cutthroat Trout poster 151 KB
Field Guide—Westslope Cutthroat Trout

Fish & Wildlife Posters

Bears of the Rockies poster image
Bears of the Rockies

You can print your own poster or pick up a free copy at a Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Office. 5 MB
Field Guide — Bears

Fish of Fort Peck poster image
Fish of Fort Peck

Fish of Fort Peck poster 877 KB
Field Guide — Fish

Fish of Lewis & Clark poster image
Fish of Lewis & Clark

Fish of Lewis & Clark poster 293 KB
Field Guide — Fish

Frogs & Toads poster image
Frogs & Toads

Frogs & Toads poster 7 MB
Field Guide — Amphibians

Owls poster image
Owls of Montana

Owls of Montana poster 10 MB
Field Guide — Owls

Snake poster image
Snakes of Montana

Snakes of Montana poster front Snakes of Montana Poster front 3.58 MB
Snakes of Montana poster back Snakes of Montana Poster back 3.05 MB
Field Guide — Reptiles

Songbirds of Montana poster image
Songbirds of Montana

Songbirds of Montana poster 844 KB
Field Guide — Birds