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Indian Education For All
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Chief Plenty Coups, Where Sister Saved Her Brother, the Hellgate Treaty of 1855, Medicine Rocks, Sacagawea, Pictograph Cave.

Each is an element of Montana's rich Native American heritage, and each is embodied in a Montana state park.

To help ensure that Montana's Native American heritage is conveyed to all young Montanans, Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP), in partnership with the Office of Public Instruction (OPI), has created 25 lesson plans for teachers K-12 that each feature a Montana state park as the authentic setting for the learning.

While students' knowledge and personal experience would be enhanced by an actual visit to the state park, the lesson plans stand alone in the classroom. They are written for multiple grade levels, and offer a rich resource that teachers can adapt to their classroom needs.

The complete lesson plans are located on the OPI Web site .