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Field Investigations


Get out and explore, discover and learn about Montana's amazing natural resources by involving your students in real learning opportunities through scientific field investigations.

Your students can become citizen scientist and learn about their own backyards or assist FWP in our efforts to conduct biological monitoring on state properties.

Field Investigations: Using Outdoor Environments to Foster Student Learning of Scientific Processes is a new instructional guide that help teachers lead student field investigations.

Below are excerpts from the guide:

What are field investigations?

Field investigations of the environment involve the systematic collection of data for the purposes of scientific understanding. They are designed to answer an investigative question through the collection of evidence and the communication of results; they contribute to scientific knowledge by describing natural systems, noting differences in habitats, and identifying environmental trends and issues.

Why conduct field investigations?

Field investigations help students become systems thinkers, learn the skills of scientific inquiry, and science doesn't only happen in a laboratory or classroom. Outdoor experiences in natural settings increase students' problem solving abilities and motivation to learn in social studies, science, language arts, and math.

This guide can be downloaded as a pdf:

If you are interested in learning more about how to get your students involved in conducting Field Investigations contact FWP at (406) 444-9944.