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Montana History

A tipi at First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park

Students view items inside a tipi at the Native American cultural fair at First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park.

Indian Education

Here are 25 lesson plans, each based on a specific state park, to assist educators in meetingthe Essential Understandings of Montana’s Indian Education for All. Learn more.

Lewis and Clark Voyage

These web pages provide interactive components for exploration of the plants and animals and geographic features that the Corps of Discovery observed as they traveled across present-day Montana. Learn more

Fish & Wildlife

Discover Montana's Ecosystems

Discover Montana's Ecosystems logo

This electronic learning tool is a way for 4th through 10th grade students to Discover, Explore, Conserve, and learn about our natural landscapes! The site is designed to provide students with a learning module that will assit students in attaining specific Montana Science Standards. Go Explore!

Project WILD

Project Wild logo

Project WILD is one of the most widely-used conservation and environmental education programs among educators of students in kindergarten through high school. Project WILD instructional materials are intended for use in both classroom and informal settings. The instructional materials are designed to support state and national academic standards appropriate for grades K-12. Learn more

Field Investigations

Get out and explore, discover and learn about Montana's amazing natural resources by involving your students in real learning opportunities through scientific field investigations. Your students can become citizen scientist and learn about their own backyards or assist FWP in our efforts to conduct biological monitoring on state properties. Learn more

Bear Education

Learn about Montana's bears through the many references on this site. The Montana Grizzly Bears, a teacher resource guide, was developed specifically for educators by the Boone & Crockett Conservation Education program, along with a bear identification poster. Learn more

Bird Education

Male bird—American Kestrel

American Kestrel—male bird

Learn about Montana's avian resources through these video and print resources. The Flying WILD educators guide provides educators with instructional resources designed to teach about birds. Go Explore!

Hooked on Fishing

This program uses fish and fishing as a means to teach nearly all content areas to upper elementary and middle school students by providing fishing equipment for students, training and curriculum for teachers, and in-class assistance by FWP staff and volunteer instructors. Learn more


Adopt-A-Fish programs offer students and adults a chance to share in what FWP biologists are learning about the fish that live in different parts of the state. Learn more

Seeley Lake Elementary School class in 2001 Bertha

"Bertha" was adopted by the Seeley Lake Elementary School class in 2001.

Physical Education


Archery in the schools

Archery in the schools

National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) is designed to teach International-style target archery in physical education classes 4th-12th grades. Core content covers archery history, safety, technique, equipment, mental concentration, core strengthening physical fitness and self-improvement. Before presenting the 2-week archery course, teachers undergo an 8-hour National Archery in the Schools Program Basic Archery instructor training. Learn more

Electronic Resources

Montana Animal Field Guide

Look up your favorite animal in the the Montana Animal Field Guide, which provides information on identification, habitat, ecology, reproduction, range, and distribution of Montana's animals. Go Explore!

Montana Outdoors Articles

Montana Outdoors magazine can be a useful tool for your classroom. Also check out the Natural Wonders section for some interesting questions and answers about Montana. Go Explore!


video camera

Find an FWP Outdoor Report that will provide visual enhancement and information for classroom instruction. Go Explore!

Natural Resource Education

A Forest for Every Classroom

Lodgepole pine cones

Lodgepole pine cones

Forest For Every Classroom (FFEC) is a professional development program for educators focused on place-based education. Teachers who participate in FFEC develop curriculum that foster student understanding of and appreciation for the public lands in their communities. Learn more


The Envirothon was established as a competitive, problem-solving, natural resource event for high school students to challenge them about the environment. Each spring high school students compete in Lewistown for top honors. Learn more

View Envirothon Video

Boone & Crockett Club K-12

This Conservation Education Program is focused primarily on the integration of wildlife conservation and private land management. The Elmer E. Rasmuson Wildlife Conservation Center is a residential education facility that houses the education, research, and demonstration programs that take place on the livestock ranch west of Dupuyer, Montana. Learn more

Project Learning Tree

Project Learning Tree is an award winning, multi-disciplinary environmental education program for educators and students K-12. Teachers attend training workshops to obtain the guides. Learn more

Project WET

child by a stream

People's relationships to water is a major theme of Project WET. A K-12 activity guide connects students to a thorough water education program, including water's chemical and physical properties, quantity and quality issues, water user group needs, and ecosystems and management strategies. Learn more