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School Programs

All schools are welcome to visit the center, but Montana WILD only provides programs for 4th-12th grades.

Photo of 2 girls looking through binoculars.

Habitat Hikes

Students will foster outdoor observation skills and learn about wildlife habitat through a guided hike using binoculars to view wildlife at Spring Meadow Lake State Park. (45 minutes)

Photo of kids in the science lab looking through a microscope

Science Field Investigations

Students learn about the kinds of questions that guide field investigations then conduct a field investigation/habitat study. (45 minutes)

Photo of instructor teaching aquatic education

Montana Fish

Students learn basic facts about Montana’s native & non-native fish species, and the unique ecosystems they depend upon. (45 minutes)

Photo of a volunteers with an owl

Living With Wildlife

Students learn about how they can help conserve Montana wildlife, minimize human-wildlife conflict, and safely recreate outdoors. (45 minutes)

Photo of a young boy with a wildlife skull

Montana Wildlife

Students study many species of wildlife that live in Montana. You can choose from MT predators, furbearers, reptiles, turtles, and birds. (45 minutes)

Photo of children fishing from the Montana Wild fishing dock

Fostering Outdoor Recreation

Students learn skills and techniques that will prepare them and inspire them to spend time recreating outdoors in Montana. (45 minutes)