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Classroom Without Walls

Classroom Without Walls connects a community of students across the state to promote conservation and outdoor recreation. This collaboration between FWP and schools focuses on authentic projects that make science relevant to students as they explore important issues associated with our state’s outdoor heritage. Incorporating models of field investigation, mentoring, and FWP resources, the program enhances the state’s language and science curricula as students synthesize and apply their classroom knowledge to a menu of place-based projects.

Photo of Corvallis High School students standing on a rocky ledge, looking out at the mountains in the distance

Corvallis High School Students

Student Work

Students may have the opportunity to publish their work for the public and each other through webcasts, a central website, and annual symposia sponsored by FWP. FWP will also be sponsoring a summer workshop for teachers engaged in this statewide program. FWP hopes to tap into students’ interest in their environment to promote an understanding of the issues they will face and welcome them into the adult community.

My Minute Video

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Predator Awareness Game

Corvallis High School Students put in 100’s of hours to create a Predator Awareness Game and Poster for middle school students and the general public on predator awareness and how Montanans can reduce human-wildlife conflict by reducing attractants on private lands, and recreating safely in predator habitat.

Predator Awareness Game Presentation ( 7 KB)