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COVID-19 Response

MT WILD will not be providing any onsite or outreach programs this summer for groups, because of COVID-19 and reduced staff capacity. We will continue to offer programs for the public on a periodic basis as time permits.

Visitors are always welcome to visit the exhibit hall. Groups of 10 or more must schedule a visit prior to the visit.

Public Programs

Montana WILD offers free programs for the public. See the calendar to learn more.

Educational Programs

Educational programs are provided for school groups visiting the center for free. All schools are welcome to visit the center, but Montana WILD only provides programs for 4th-12th grades.

Meet the Mammals!

Photo of kids viewing a skull..

Mammals can be found on the Montana landscape from the prairies to the mountains. Students will be able to identify the major orders of mammals using a binomial classification key as the scientific investigation. Students will use observation and prediction skills to perform the activity.
(45 minutes)

FWP at Work

Photo of two FWP employees monitoring vitals of a pair of grizzly bears.

Students learn about the role that the public and FWP play in managing Montana's fish and wildlife and the different career paths at FWP.
(45 minutes) (inside)

Wildlife Management

Photo of FWP employee holding a large fish.

Students learn about the importance of science, math and technology in wildlife management, the crucial role the public plays in managing our state's fish and wildlife, and what it is like to be wildlife or fish biologist. (45 minutes) (inside)

Fish Math

Photo of FWP employee holding a large fish.

Students utilize team work, problem solving and math skills by participate in a mark recapture survey, where they take on the roles of fisheries biologist and determine how many fish live in a river.
(45 minutes) (inside) (5th grade +)

Science Field Investigations

Photo of kids in the science lab looking through a microscope

Students learn about the kinds of questions that guide field investigations then conduct a field investigation, bird survey or macro invertibrates study.
(45 minutes)

Montana Fish

Photo of instructor teaching aquatic education

Students learn basic facts about Montana’s native & non-native fish species, and the unique ecosystems they depend upon and the impact of aquatic invasive species.
(45 minutes)

Living With Wildlife

Photo of a volunteers with an owl

Students learn about how they can help conserve Montana wildlife, minimize human-wildlife conflict, and safely recreate outdoors. Choose from bears, mountain lions, and wolves.
(45 minutes)


Montana Wildlife

Photo of a volunteers with an owl

Students study many species of wildlife that live in Montana through an interactive scavenger hunt in the exhibit hall.
(45 minutes)

Outdoor Recreation

Photo of children fishing from the Montana Wild fishing dock

Students learn skills and techniques that will prepare them and inspire them to spend time recreating outdoors in Montana. Learn more