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Wolf Management in Montana

FWP is using both hunting and trapping as a wildlife management tool to bring Montana's rapidly growing wolf population into balance with the habitat, other wildlife and with the values and tolerance of the people who live, work, and recreate in Montana.

The recovery of the wolf in the northern Rockies remains one of the fastest endangered species comebacks on record. In the mid 1990s, to hasten the overall pace of wolf recovery in the Northern Rockies, 66 wolves were released into Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho. Today, the minimum Montana gray wolf count at the end of 2013 was 627 wolves, compared to 625 in 2012. Montana‘s minimum number of wolf packs were counted at 152 compared to 147 last year, but breeding pairs dropped to 28 compared to 37 in 2012. Hunters and trappers harvested 230 wolves during the 2013-14 seasons with 143 hunted and 87 trapped.