Montana Hunting Story Exercise

The Hunter's Game

Photo of grouse hunter

Hunting is very much a personal experience.

Hunting. Is it a right, a privilege, or something else? There seems to be a lot of wild animals and wild habitats left in Montana, so why should it matter if all the hunting laws, rules and regulations are closely followed?

This training program will attempt to answer these and other questions by introducing you to the origin and growth of wildlife conservation in Montana and throughout the United States. It will show you how our nation's initial attempts to manage wildlife were rooted in the hunter's need to practice personal restraint and reveal why your willing participation as a hunter has become so important to all the people of this country.

The trail you are about to follow leads to specific explanations and historic examples of: A. how our system of wildlife management came about; B. the role hunters and state and federal governments have in wildlife management; and C. why you and all hunters are so important to the future of hunting in America.

Make no mistake, how you feel about the laws, rules and regulations that govern the pursuit of wildlife-and your pride in the hunting tradition-will determine if hunting will survive as a healthy part of American society.

Why is personal restraint so important to the future of hunting?