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What do you do when your duty to retrieve downed game and your duty to obey the law conflict?

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The Waterfowler

Waterfowl identification skills are important to duck hunters, but sometimes mistakes are made.

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Are your hunting buddies just making an honest mistake if they ask you to bend or even break the rules for them?

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The Elk Hunter

How strong is the hunter's duty to minimize the suffering of game animals?

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Snow Geese

Are long-established ethical standards in waterfowling being disregarded to help bring exploding snow goose populations under control?

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Predator Reintroduction

Hunters are the most widely distributed "large predator" in North America. How should hunters welcome the reintroduction concept of fellow large predators — grizzlies and wolves — into their former range?

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Cougar Management

Cougar ranges are expanding into their former ranges, and individual animals are popping up in surprising locations. What role can sportsman play in cougar population management?

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Mechanical Duck Decoys

How effective, or high-tech, does a decoy be before its use violates the fair chase ethic?

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The Tracker

Even under the best conditions tracking wounded game can be very time-consuming. But just how long should an ethical hunter stay on the trail of a wounded animal?

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A neighbor in need breaks one of the most basic game laws. As an ethical hunter, and concerned neighbor, what should you do?

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He may be your friend and hunting mentor, but he's putting you at risk.

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Deer Overpopulation

Do burgeoning suburban deer populations offer a unique opportunity or serious roadblock for the future of hunting?

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Catch and Release

Harsh realities can force well-intentioned anglers to break the spirit, and sometimes the law, of catch and release waters.