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Hunter Education
Hunter Education

Hunting is still very much a way of life in this state and Montanans are proud of their hunting heritage.

Big Sky country boasts more hunters per capita than any other state in the nation. Bountiful landscapes, clean water and air, and few inhabitants all make this an ideal place for wildlife and hunters to roam. Big game populations are at or near record numbers and hunting access is good. Combine all of these factors, and you have all the components in place for some very special hunting.

This untamed and rugged country, however, can be unforgiving. We urge you to plan your hunt carefully and to always keep safety in mind. Being prepared and knowing what to expect are key ingredients for a memorable hunt.

Education Programs

FWP offers the following education programs:

Special Youth Hunting Opportunities

Young hunters get a boost in Montana with special offers and unique opportunities. Check them out here.