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Explore one of Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Park's Wildlife Management Areas (WMA), Fishing Access Sites (FAS), or State Parks in the shrub grassland. You can visit one of the sites we have highlighted or search for all of the lands in the shrub grassland.

Explore Shrubs Grassland near you.
WMA - Wildlife Management Area, FAS - Fishing Access Site Visit Robb-Ledford Wildlife Management Area Visit Poindexter Slough Fishing Access Site Visit Rosebud Battlefield State Park Rosebud Battlefield State Park
Explore Shrub Grassland near you.

Robb-Ledford Wildlife Management Area

This 28,000 acre property is located in the heart of the shrub grassland ecosystem. Species such as sage grouse, pygmy rabbits, and sage sparrows can be found here along with black bears, elk, mule deer and moose.

Location: Located at the base of the Snowcrest Range, southeast of Dillon.

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Poindexter Slough Fishing Access Site

This 410-acre property located on the Beaverhead river is a good site to observe birds and mammals of the shrub grassland riparian plant community. Native fish species found in this stretch of the river include Arctic grayling, longnose dace, mottled sculpin, mountain whitefish, longnose sucker, burbot, mountain sucker, and white sucker.

Location: Located on the Beaverhead River just outside of Dillon.

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Rosebud Battlefield State Park

This 3,000-acre park preserves this shrub grassland site of the June 17, 1876, battle between the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians and General Crook’s soldiers. Remote, quiet, and undeveloped, the park includes prehistoric sites and the homestead and ranch of the Kobold family.

Location: Rosebud Battlefield State Park is located southeast of Crow Agency, in the southeast corner of the state.

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