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Conserve Natural Resources

Shurb Grassland

People doing good work!

The shrub grassland is a unique ecosystem that provides habitat to many species in the greatest need of conservation. These lands have been traditionally used as grazing range for livestock, but today are being developed into home sites. Balancing the needs of humans with the needs of our environment is often very challenging. Below is an example of people working to balance these needs of fish and wildlife with those of humans. Can you think of other examples?

Greater Sage-Grouse

Greater sage-grouse populations have been reduced in the West. As the Montana Outdoors article points out that "From 1965 to 1985, sage-grouse numbers plummeted by more than 50 percent, due mostly to the loss of half of the species' historic sagebrush habitatÂ…." Today a group of representatives from government agencies and conservation groups is working hard to make sure this bird doesn't end up as a federally listed endangered species. View the Outdoor Report to find out more about what people are doing to help this species.

Montana Outdoors Article - Down But Not Out: Loss of sagebrush has dealt sage-grouse a hard blow. Now biologists and ranchers have begun working together to conserve habitat and get this great prairie bird back on its feet.

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