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Find Resources about Montana's Ecosytems.

There are many resources available to help you learn more about Montana's Ecosystems. Follow the links below to many sites that can help you discover new and interesting things.

Outdoor Learning Sites

Video Reports

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks maintains a video library of many species of animals and areas around the state.

For Educators

Montana Outdoors Articles

Montana Outdoors magazine provides many stories about animals and habitats in the state of Montana.

Birds & Birding

A Close Look at Bird Watching: How to get started in Montana’s fastest-growing outdoors activity.


Fish Management Demystified: What FWP does to conserve Montana’s fisheries and improve your fishing.

General Interests

From Here to There: How Montana’s trail system links people to the state’s most spectacular places.

FWP Issues & Management

Their Land, Our Wildlife: How conservation easements benefit the public’s wildlife while maintaining private ranching traditions.


Where's Wildlife?: In Montana, it’s everywhere. You just have to learn how to see it.