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Plains Grassland

Montane Forest areas of Montana

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There are many resources available to help you learn more about the plains grassland. Follow the links below to many sites that can help you discover new and interesting things.

Outdoor Learning Sites

Video Reports

Find Resources about the Plains Grassland.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks maintains a video library of many species of animals and areas around the state.

Montana Outdoors Articles

Montana Outdoors magazine provides many stories about animals and habitats in the state of Montana.

Birds & Birding

The Case of the Disappearing Duck: Why have pintail numbers been dropping over the past few decades, while other similar waterfowl species have shown remarkable recoveries?


Big (and Pletiful) Fish on the Prairie: Some anglers say there's no decent fishing east of Great Falls and Billings. Here are nine angling hotspots that say they're wrong (or lying).

General Interests

Ferrets in the Spotlight: Searching eastern Montana for North America’s rarest mammal.

FWP Issues & Management

Avoiding the ESA Ambulance: Why more landowners are working with FWP to keep Montana wildlife from ending up in the Endangered Species Act emergency room.


On Montana Safari: Pursuing pronghorn is as close as you can get to an African big-game hunt without flying halfway around the globe.

Montana State Parks

Oasis on the Prairie: Cool and clear water, sandy beaches, picnic facilities, and More—the new Brush Lake State Park may be the greatest thing to hit northeastern Montana since the invention of air conditioning.

Outdoors Portraits

The Swift Fox's Speedy Return: Why, after being declared locally extinct in 1969, has this tiny canine returned to Montana?