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Plains Grassland

Learn about Intermountain Grassland.

The lesson is organized with an introductory tutorial explaining the topic in depth, the activity, and an assessment. The activity can be completed after the other sections- Discover, Explore, and Conserve have been investigated, or it can be completed independently.

Interactive Activity

Play the Plains Grassland Adaptations Activity.

Plants and animals have specific physical and behavioral characteristics that help them survive in their environment. This activity is designed to show different beaks, wings and feet, which the player must match up to the habitat for which they are adapted.

Click on the "Adaptations Activity" button to learn more about how animals adapt to their environment!

Play the Plains Grassland Classification Activity.

Careful observation of something gives us clues about ways to categorize living or nonliving things into groups with similar characteristics. Learn how scientist classify living organisms and then practice classifying some of the plants and animals found in the intermountain grasslands ecosystem when conducting the activity.

Click on the "Classification" button to learn more about classifying animals!