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Plains Grassland

Explore Montane Forests near you.

Explore one of Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Park's Wildlife Management Areas (WMA), Fishing Access Sites (FAS), or State Parks in the montane forest. You can visit one of the sites we have highlighted or search for all of the lands in the montane forest.

Explore Plains Grassland near you. Visit Beckman Wildlife Management Area Visit Diamond Willow Fishing Access Site Visit Brush Lake State Park

Beckman WMA

Beckman Wildlife Management Area

The 6,500-acre Beckman Wildlife Management Area was purchased to provide critical habitat for mule deer. Many other birds and mammals of the plains ecosystem can also be found here including antelope and sharp-tailed grouse.

Beckman WMA Movie


Located approximately 10 miles northeast of Denton.


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Diamond Willow FAS

Diamond Willow Fishing Access Site

This 82-acre site provides habitat to many riparian plant and animal species. Many birds may be viewed from this FAS including: mallards, black-headed grosbeaks, common yellowthroats, least flycatchers, lark sparrows, hairy woodpeckers, and yellow warblers.


Located on the Yellowstone River near the border of Montana and North Dakota.


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Brush Lake State Park

Brush Lake State Park

Brush Lake is a deep, clear lake with white, sandy beaches surrounded by grass fields and linear stands of spring wheat. Due to the mineral make-up of this lake, there are no fish.

Brush Lake State Park Movie


Brush Lake State Park is located on Brush Lake. It is the only FWP managed site on Brush Lake.


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