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Montane Forest

Montana Outdoors Articles

Montana Outdoors magazine provides many stories about animals and habitats in the state of Montana.

Birds & Birding


Left in the Dust? Mountana's fluvial arctic gralying could be doomed if the beleaguered fish don't get more water soon. Trout Above the Clouds: Tips on finding and catching trout in Montana's scenic mountain lakes.

General Interests

On the Right Track: Reading the daily dramas of Montana wildlife.

FWP Issues & Management

Death by Garbage: How trash, dog chow, bird seed, and other food attractants along the urban interface are killing grizzlies and stifling the bears' natural expansion. Tough Love: Why it makes sense to kill soem fish in order to save others.


Making Sense of Mountain Whitetails-A newly released report sheds light on the many factors driving northwestern white-tailed deer populations.

Montana State Parks

A Grand Little Canyon: Excellent trout fishing, rich mining history, and breath-taking scenery make Sluice Boxes one of the most delightful state parks you've never heard of.

Outdoors Portraits

Outdoor Recreation

Huckleberry Hounds: Sniffing out Montana's delicious purple gem.