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Montane Forest

Learn about Montana Forests.

The lesson is organized with an introductory tutorial explaining the topic in depth, the activity, and an assessment. The activity can be completed after the other sections (Discover, Explore, and Conserve) have been investigated, or it can be completed independently.

Interactive Activity

Play the Montane Forest Food Chains Activity.

The interactive part of this activity simulates a black bear foraging. The learner must be a good observer and find food for the bear to eat before it disappears from the screen. The activity keeps track of how much energy the bear is receiving, and at the end, it will calculate whether the bear survived or not. If not you will need to try again.

Remember, bears are very adaptable to their environment, and when one food source isn’t available they will search for others. Unfortunately, food rewards, such as garbage, pet food, and even bird feeders, result in bears losing their fear of humans which gets them in trouble.

Click on the "Food Chains" button to help the black bear survive in the montane forest ecosystem!