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Conserve Natural Resources

Montane Forest

People doing good work!

The montane forest provides people with many natural resources that we use in every day life, such as timber - for house construction; minerals - gold and silver; snow-pack that provides water for drinking, irrigation, and recreation; and places for recreation such as fishing, hiking, hunting, and camping. Balancing these uses with our environment is often very challenging. Below are a few examples of people working to balance the needs of fish and wildlife with those of humans. Can you think of others?

Bear Proofing

People living in bear habitat are helping to conserve these bruins by using new bear proof trash containers. Preventing bears from being able to get at garbage helps keep them safe and out of trouble. Watch the movie to learn more about how people are learning to live with bears.

Montana Outdoors Article - Death by Garbage: How trash, dog chow, bird seed, and other food attractants along the urban interface are "killing" grizzlies and stifling the bears' natural expansion.

Forestry Management

FWP recently conducted a forestry management project, using a Montana Department of Natural Resources Conservation Forest Health grant and field crews from the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, to thin heavy stands of ponderosa pines on Wild Horse Island State Park. This project was conducted to help reduce the potential for severe wild fires.

Learn about conserving the Montane Forests.
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