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Explore one of Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Park's Wildlife Management Areas (WMA), Fishing Access Sites (FAS), or State Parks in the intermountain grassland. You can visit one of the sites we have highlighted or search for all of the lands in the intermountain grassland.

Explore Intermountain Grassland near you.
WMA - Wildlife Management Area, FAS - Fishing Access Site Bearpaw Lake FAS Lone Pine State Park Madison Wall Creek WMA
Explore Intermountain Grassland near you.

Madison Wall Creek Wildlife Management Area

This WMA was purchased in 1960 for about $128 per acre to provide elk with a place to winter. The property is currently 7,067 acres and is part of one of the most important elk winter ranges in southwest Montana. Wall Creek has been called one of the West’s finest examples of a grazing management system that meets the needs of both elk and livestock.

Location: Located between the Madison and Gravelly mountain ranges in the Madison River valley.

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Bearpaw Lake Fishing Access Site

This 185-acre site includes the 48-acre Bearpaw Lake located on Bearpaw Creek at the base of the Bearpaw Mountains. This cold-water fishery provides habitat for northern redbelly dace, white sucker, rainbow trout, and Yellowstone cutthroat trout.

Location:  Located on Bearpaw Lake. It is the only FAS on Bearpaw Lake.

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Lone Pine State Park

Lone Pine provides residents and visitors with information about the Valley’s cultural and natural history with a visitor center providing nature and interpretive programs. Plan several hours to picnic and hike along a self-guided nature trail, an informal hiking trail, or a horse trail.

Location: Located just a few miles southwest of Kalispell.

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