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Conserve Natural Resources

Intermountain Grassland

People doing good work!

This ecosytem contains the greatest concentration of people in Montana. Based on the attraction for wildlife and mountains, the towns Kalispell, Missoula, Helena, and Bozeman are Montana's fastest growing human communities. Working with these communities and the needs of fish and wildlife is critical to the conservation of this ecosystem.


Until the early 1990s, western toads were an abundant amphibian in western Montana. That is no longer true. Their numbers have declined in both our state and other western states. Why? Scientists are not sure, but watch the Outdoor Report to find out what biologist recently learned about these secretive creatures!

Montana Outdoors Article - Western (boreal) toad: Western Montana is home to only one toad species, the western toad. (Montana’s other two toads, Woodhouse’s and the Great Plains, live east of the Continental Divide.) The Montana form of the western toad is known as the boreal toad.

Conserving Fish

Fish Screen.

FWP and landowners are working together to help conserve fish in mountain streams and rivers by screening the opening of irrigation ditches. Since water is taken out of the stream through ditches for watering agricultural crops, fish are often trapped too. Watch the movie to find out more about how people are working together to conserve fish.

Fish Screen News Story courtesy of KPAX8, Missoula, MT

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