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We invite you to Discover...

Montana's ecosystems! Everyone has a special natural place. To some of us it is our backyard and to others it's a favorite hunting, snowmobiling, camping, or fishing site. Join us on a natural adventure through Montana’s amazing ecosystems.


Montana is huge! It is our nation’s fourth-largest state. Not only big but rich in wildlife, it supports more than 600 species of fish, mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Why so many? Because Montana offers an awesome variety of places for animals to live.


State Mammal and Bird

State Bird: Western Meadowlark
State Mammal: Grizzly Bear

There are many "special places" in Montana. It would probably take a lifetime to see them all.


If we want these unique places and plants and animals to be here for our children and grandchildren then we must be wise stewards of our natural resources! What natural communities are in need of help? What wildlife is in need of help? What are people doing? How can you help?


Understanding ecosystems is fun and exciting! It's cool to learn how plants and animals are adapted to live in a particular place; check out food chains, predators, and prey; and understand how scientists classify and study living things!

… this wonderful place we call MONTANA!